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Fabulous Framed Maine Militia Regimental Flag Vignette. Circa 1820's, printed on silk and mounted on thin pasteboard with foliate designs, featuring a colorful rendition of a scarcely seen and very early variation of the Maine State Seal that features a prominent Star, Spruce/Pine Tree and a Moose that looks more like a deer!

The flags were believed to be the product of a Boston screen printer by the name of Penniman around 1823. What we have here is the centerpiece of a very large flag with a blue field. They remained in use until the reorginization of the Maine militia in the late 1840s or early 1850s. Saw an article in a Maine paper several years ago (Portland Transcript I think) from the 1850s that stated the center Crest was removed from all the flags and sold for $1 each to raise money for something (dont remember what) and the blue fields were gathered up and sold to a paper mill for use in making paper. Other examples of this regimental flag  pattern are known to exist for other early Maine Militia units of this era. All trimmed in this manner when surplused by the state of Maine in the mid-late 19th century. (thanks Mr. Bob French of Portland ME)

It is professionally framed with the highest quality glare free, UV proof archival glass. Frame Border in rose gold with a beautiful star pattern measures 2 inches. (thanks Nick Peirut, Frameworks Knoxville, TN)

Frame overall dimensions 37 X 33 inches. Star decorated border of frame measures 2 inches. Flag as measured inside double matting is 27 X 22 1/2 inches.

This piece is colorful and looks like a million bucks. Don't miss out!

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